Oregon VFM Complaint Form


Please be advised that this form is provided by Payown Media, LLC as a convenience tool exclusively for the use of Oregon managers, aimed at facilitating an easier and more accessible submission process.

  1. Non-Retention of Information: Once submitted, the information entered into this form is not stored or retained by us. Consequently, it cannot be retrieved or accessed post submission.
  2. Email Copy Option: Should you wish to receive an email copy of your submission, it is imperative to select the corresponding option at the end of the form. Please note that this service is a one-time provision and requests for resending the email copy cannot be accommodated.
  3. Limitation of Function: It is important to understand that completing this form does not constitute a submission of a complaint to the Director. Managers are required to follow the appropriate official processes for such submissions.

We encourage thorough review and consideration of your information prior to submission to ensure accuracy and completeness.